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We’ve found that many folks have had experiences with financial advisers that were NOT focused on their needs. We’re different.

At Summit View Advisors, we believe in relationships first.

That means your real-life needs are our primary concern, and that includes helping you find a path to retirement.

If you’re wondering how you’ll ever be able to afford to retire, my Signature Planning Process will be a real eye-opener for you.

A lot of people have 401Ks and other retirement accounts, but they’re just not sure whether it’s really enough to see them into retirement and beyond. Will they have enough to live on, and to enjoy their retirement years? Will they run out of money when they’re 90?

My Signature Planning Process pulls together your current financial situation, such as expected retirement income, real estate, current assets, and more. From there, we'll create a custom plan of action designed specifically for you.

It's a complex process, one in which I specialize. And I explain it to you in plain language.

Best of all, though, our focus is on your money working for you rather than you working for it.

Making Financial Learning Fun | Building Community

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