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Direct Line: 970-663-6127

Fun Facts:

-Holly enjoys anime and video games with her son.

-Her favorite music is EDM - “I love to dance!”

-Honey, her Golden Retriever keeps her active and out on the many Northern Colorado trails.


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Holly Stewart,
President and Founder

Financial Advisor

Holly is a registered representative with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. a Broker/Dealer and Member FINRA/SPIC. Holly Stewart began her career as a financial Advisor in 1993 with Bank of America Investments. After a very successful fourteen years at Bank of America investments, she had an opportunity to retire early and move to Colorado. Upon arrival in Colorado, she continued as a Bank Advisor with Wells Fargo Investments. In early 2008, Holly decided to go independent and chose Money Concepts as her broker dealer. In 2014 Holly changed to Cambridge.

Holly holds FINRA series 7, 63, and 65 licenses. She also has her Life and Health license in the state of Colorado and various other states.

Holly has received numerous accolades in her career. She was included in every awards dinner during her career at Bank of America Investments and in 2013 she was recognized as one of the Money Concepts' Top 100 Advisors. She has participated in Real Practice Management since 2016, and most recently in August 2017 and 2018 she was awarded the Best Financial Planner/Advisor by the Best of Loveland Magazine. In August 2019 & 2021, the entire firm was awarded Best Financial Planner/Advisor by the Best of Loveland Magazine. The readers of the Loveland Magazine polled Holly Stewart Best of Loveland Award for Financial Planner 2022 and SummitView Advisors as 2022 Loveland Business Hall of Fame. This award is not indicative of investment performance.

A Special Note From Holly

I love talking to people and educating them to take the financial steps that will help them reach their life goals.

During my 20s, I taught speech and theater, and since I’d been a competitive member of my high school debate team, I was a natural for coaching the debate team as a teacher. We even won some championships!

The type of debate we practiced involved gathering your thoughts quickly and presenting them clearly and persuasively. It also involved a lot of research. Both these skills became valuable to me about 10 years later when I became a financial advisor.

But before that, in my fourth year as a teacher, I came into some money. I met a financial advisor who offered to help me. Without going into the gory details, let’s just say that he ill-advised me about my money and I lost 15% of it.

So, when I became a financial planner, I already knew some of the things NOT to do, particularly when advising young people.

Today, my mission is to eliminate the “intimidation factor” around money and investments. Using gobbledygook “jargon” with people about THEIR money just adds to their feeling that they don’t know what they’re doing.

What lights me up about the work I do? Helping someone change their quality of life.
Sometimes it’s seeing someone have the confidence to leave a soul-sucking job because they know they have a financial plan in place that will sustain them.

Other times, it’s seeing someone who desperately wanted to retire finally be able to make that move, when just a few years back they didn’t see how they would ever be able to stop working.

People have told me they never understood investments until they met me. I guess that comes from my ability to teach, and to find the right way to explain the complexities of investing and make them understandable to anyone.

If you’re someone who is looking to plan for retirement, and if investments are confusing to you (but maybe you’ve been afraid to admit it), we should talk.

My aim is to give you control over your financial life by educating and informing you. You will never leave a meeting with me feeling 'stupid.'

Please reach out to me to schedule a time to talk.


Holly Stewart